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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
inane insecurity
the serenity of having the fountain of peace flow from within has definately taken me by surprise . being human , i would be aggitated at being misunderstood , probably would like to wrestle the problems and try to pin and nab down everyone who turns my life topsy turvy . but like i said . weird as it does sound . i have found the lord again and his peace has taken me to new heights i could never embrace on my own accord .
all those poison lashings and scornful scratches doesn't make me flinch and it certainly doesn't rankle . its funny how some people would like to waste their time and life judging other people and trying to sum up the lives of others, probably even going to an extent of sketching out a whole lifestyle of another with their own imagination or supposed hear say . these people certainly put the writers of "days of our lives" to shame and i feel sorry that these people are not investing good quality time trying to build friendships and relationships with people they love and treasure instead of withering away, trying to slain ,slander and burn ...
oh well . the truth will see the light of day . all in due time and i pray that there will be a veil of protection over our tongues and our hearts . that we should guard it and not fight back or judge other people in our own lives . i know many of you have problems with your friendships at school or people that disappoint you . life certainly isn't easy . but we can choose how we want to deal with things . our focus , our perspectives and what controls our lives .
if we govern our lives trying to fend off the world and trying so hard to please everyone and make a good impression . we'd be burnt out . that inner circle of friends and family , that circle of trust , intergrity , love and peace is so important and intergal in our lives .
like i;ve always mentioned in many interviews ."those who matter don't care and those who care don't matter"
i pray you'd find the strength in the lord , within your family and close knit friends to lead the "let go" life . that u'd let go of things beyond your control . but to control your own mind and your own judgement of people , your own ways and to open up that door of undertsanding to love and to be greatly blessed coz you are special and no one can ever take that away from you ; )

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